WCFA Adoption Fees normally are as listed below.  WCFA reserves the right to charge a higher fee for certain breed of dogs, including puppies, regardless of age.  Please check each adoptable cat's or dog's bio for current adoption fee for that particular animal:

$120 - Puppies & adult dogs up to 7 years
$ 60 - Dogs 7 plus years of age
$ 40 - Kittens and adult cats

Adoption fee is non-refundable.

Adoption fee covers spay/neuter and initial vaccinations as well as micro-chip for dogs.  

Completion of our pre-application does not guarantee adoption of a WCFA cat or dog.

To download a printable copy of this adoption form, click the Download button below.


Please list the name of cat or dog you are interested in adopting.
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Name #1
Please list names of adult adopters in household. Example: Husband & wife
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Name #2
Please list names of adult adopters in your household. Example: Husband & wife
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Are these animals spayed/neutered?
If renting, do you have permission to have pets?
Do you have a dog/cat door?
Is your yard fenced & gated?
Have you had dog/cat in the past? *
Have you ever had to give up a pet? *
For example, had to give away or take to a shelter
We visit your home to ensure suitable yard and environment for the animal. Do you object to such a visit? *
Do you accept the terms listed below? *


I am in full agreement with the W.C.F.A. Terms of Adoption and understand that if I ever relinquish the dog,W.C.F.A. must be notified in advance to discuss possible options.  By submitting this application I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. I understand that falsification of any information given to W.C.F.A. in this application or in any other medium will be grounds to disallow the adoption. I understand that a home visit may be required for adoption. I understand that W.C.F.A.  dogs are spayed or neutered or have a spay/neuter contract.  W.C.F.A. reserves the right to refuse any applicant for any reason