Sometimes situations arise beyond your control when you need to find another home for your dog or cat.  It could be because of the loss of a home and income, incompatibility with other pets or even the death of an owner.  Here are some tips to consider before making the drastic decision to relinquish your pet:

Remember that your pet does not know or care how much money you make, how big your house or yard is or what kind of hardship you may be facing.  They would never give up on you and are there for you through thick and thin.  Are you TOTALLY sure you have to give them up when the going gets a little rough, or is this the time you need your friend by your side more than ever?   

Have you really considered each and every option on how to keep your pet?  If you are moving, there are many places that rent to people with pets.  Have you tried them all?  Most people find pet friendly rentals anywhere they move to, even out of the area.

If it is a behavior issue, have you tried getting your pet the proper amount of exercise and have you spoken with a trainer?  Here is a link to Best Friends Animal Society's resource pages:

Is there a medical problem not yet diagnosed?

If the owner has passed away, most families find space in their own homes to keep their beloved pet within their family.  This is always preferred as pets seem to know they are still with “their family” no matter where they may live.

If this is a dire situation and you have made every effort to try to keep your faithful pet  but must consider other options, here are some tips on re-homing. 

WCFA can help you network your pet by using our online connections provided your animal is adoptable, friendly, altered, up to date on vaccinations, and you can keep your pet while we try to find it a good home.  If your dog is of a particular breed, there are many breed specific rescues that may help you.  

Another option is to place ads in newspapers that cover rural areas. Place ads in as many newspapers as you can. You can also post flyers in feed and farm-supply stores. For help in creating flyers, go to

Screen respondents to your ads and flyers by asking if they will commit to providing daily feeding, shelter and medical care for the cats. People who agree to keep cats on their property must be willing to fulfill such basic needs to safeguard the animals’